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Ibanez Analog Delay Mini-Pedal Impulse Responses


90+ Impulse responses from the Ibanez Analog Delay mini-pedal. The files can be loaded into most convolution plugins to emulate the delay effect of the pedal.

All impulses are labelled with repeat amount (feedback) and time in ms.

This pedal has a very dark sound that is perfect for dub, lofi music, vaporwave, and psychedelia.

Because the pedal does not have a conventional wet/dry mix, I've also included copies of all the impulses as "send-friendly" IRs, that have the dry signal removed. For best results use the impulses on 100% wet to get the true character of the pedal. If you're using Hybrid Reverb, make sure Blend is set to 0% (100/0).

As a bonus, there are 9 "slapback" impulses, as well as 9 "filter" impulses that are based off the filtering effect of the feedback.

All files are 48 kHz / 24bit mono .wav format.

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Impulse responses generated using an Ibanez Analog Delay mini pedal.

Compatible with most convolution plugins (including Ableton Hybrid Reverb)
91 delay impulses sorted by time (ms)
+91 more delay impulses that are "send-friendly" (dry removed)
9 "filter" impulses sampled from successive echos. Great for lofi textures.
9 "slapback" impulses (short ms)
48 kHz / 24bit
Free download (for a limited time)
15.9 MB
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Ibanez Analog Delay Mini-Pedal Impulse Responses

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