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Chord Palette - Max For Live Piano Roll Tool (Live 12)

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This is a Max For Live MIDI Transform Device. These are new devices that live inside the piano roll and transform your MIDI notes in cool new ways.

In the case of Chord Palette, you select some notes, then click a chord to apply the shape to the notes. There are plenty of chords to choose from, and you can create your own custom shapes and inversions/voicings.


  • Turns selected notes into chords
  • Huge library of chords
  • Custom chord shapes
  • Inversions with many voicings available
  • Arp and Patt controls for creating arpeggios and riffs
  • Prog button for creating chord progressions
  • Strum and velocity jitter
  • Optional Auto mode to automatically add chords to new notes you place on the piano roll
  • Extract chords from piano roll
  • Control chord shapes via MIDI CC using companion MIDI Max Device.
  • If you highlight a chord on the piano roll, Chord Palette will figure out the root, and change the shape


  • Place the Chord Palette folder with your other Max devices
  • Do not move the Chord Palette device out of its original folder or delete Chord Palette State.json
  • This device will only work in Ableton Live 12 and above

Check out a preview video of Chord Palette here:

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Easy chord shapes in Live 12
Huge library of chords
Custom shapes and inversions
Totally free!
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Chord Palette - Max For Live Piano Roll Tool (Live 12)

108 ratings
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