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Chord Pallet - Max For Live Piano Roll Tool (Live 12)

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This is a Max For Live MIDI Transformation Device. These are new devices that live inside the piano roll and transform your MIDI notes in cool new ways.

In the case of Chord Pallet, you select some notes, then click a chord to apply the shape to the notes. There are plenty of chords to choose from, and you can create your own custom shapes and inversions/voicings.


  • Turns selected notes into chords
  • Huge library of chords
  • Custom chord shapes
  • Inversions with many voicings available
  • Strum and velocity jitter
  • Optional Auto mode to automatically add chords to new notes
  • Extract chords from piano roll
  • Control chord shapes via MIDI CC using companion MIDI Max Device.
  • If you highlight a chord on the piano roll, Chord Pallet will figure out the root, and change the shape


  • Place the Chord Pallet folder with your other Max devices
  • Do not move the Chord Pallet device out of its original folder or delete ChordPalletPresets.json
  • This device will only work in Ableton Live 12 and above

This is the first version of Chord Pallet, and although it does most of what I want it to do, here are some planned features and known limitations:

  • User chords, Inv, and Oct settings do not save into Chord Pallet's presets.
  • Auto is an experimental feature - it can be very powerful but only use it for adding notes. If you need to delete or re-arrange the notes on the piano roll, turn Auto off first.
  • Draw mode does work with Auto mode as well, I suggest single clicks but you can still get fun results with dragging. Inversions are disabled for now but you can get around this with a User chord. The main challenge with Auto mode is it monitors changes to the piano roll, which results in feedback loops. I've done my best to manage these loops until I figure out a smoother system.
  • Chord pallet uses 1/16 quantization for figuring out what is an existing chord and what is a separate chord or group of notes. This means if you strum a chord, leave it strummed, then strum again, Chord Pallet will see some notes as a separate from the chord and attempt to add new notes. I'm working on a smarter method for interpreting existing strummed chords but until then this limitation remains
  • Oct control works but I want it to work more like the Inv control. However, by juggling Oct and Inv you can still get a huge range of voicings.
  • Aside from anything else, this is made in the Live 12 beta and features may change as the product evolves

Check out a preview video of Chord Pallet here:

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Easy chord shapes in Live 12
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Chord Pallet - Max For Live Piano Roll Tool (Live 12)

34 ratings
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