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QuickScope - Free Max For Live Scope

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Ever asked for a decent free Max For Live scope plugin only to be told by some loser to build it yourself with live.scope~? Well good news, you can tell those people to rack off because MGF Audio has done this for you, and now it's easier than ever to see what's going on inside your Ableton projects.

QuickScope is a low cpu, high enjoyment free Max for Live audio plugin that gives you seven scope modes with stereo and mid/side display. You also get full customisation over the waveform colour, plus a "popup" scope that stays on top no matter what (until you hit "Close").

The popup scope can be layered transparently on top of other popup windows, so you can see the waveform of multiple parts in your session at once. Or use two QuickScopes to visually A/B compare an audio effect, which is particularly useful for balancing compressors and limiters.

With the "ms" control, you can zoom in to a granular level, or view the last few bars of your piece. There's also a "freeze" function - shift click on the Mode menu to pause and resume the scope.

Please enjoy this free plugin and look out for further updates!

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Free Max For Live scope plugin
Two independent scopes: insert and popup
Fully customisable waveform colors
Layer with other Quickscope instances
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QuickScope - Free Max For Live Scope

13 ratings
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